Our people are our most valuable assets. It is therefore our policy to provide a safe, secure and healthy working environment for all our employees, including subcontractors and others engaged in our activities. This incorporates appropriate concern for the protection of the environment we work and live in.

The ultimate aims of our SHE Policy are:

The Management of KST Maritime recognizes its responsibility and gives the highest priority to security, safety, health of employees with special attention to prevention of any environmental incidents during the operations. This is supported by the company with safety training and continuous supervision with a view to embed the desired values and behavior within the organization.



Rimorchiatori Mediterranei S.P.A.
Rimorchiatori Riuniti Porto di Genova S.R.L.
Rimorchiatori Augusta S.R.L.
Rimorchiatori Salerno S.R.L.
Labromare S.R.L.
Sers S.R.L.
Tripmare S.P.A.


KST Maritime PTE LTD
Tug Malta Ltd
RR Colombia S.A.S.
Stadt Sjøtransport AS
Nemeca Z Maritime Company
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